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RNLI Annual Report and Accounts 2019

The Brief


Founded in 1824, RNLI Lifeboats ( is a charity working to end preventable drowning. Its activities include a 24/7 search and rescue lifeboat service, as well as campaigns to educate people about water safety and thereby reduce the number of people getting into trouble.

The project

The charity has asked you to design a few sample pages of their annual report so that they can review it and provide feedback.


  • All of the copies provided below should be included in the design. There are five pages to design in total.

  • The paper size is A4. The first page is the front cover. Pages 2-3 form the first two-page spread, and pages 4-5 form the second two-page spread.

  • You can use all, some, or none of the photographs provided.

You can choose any colour palette and any fonts, but you should make these choices in light of your research into the charity, its values, and its work

Front Cover.png

Front Cover

Page 1.png

Page 1

Page 3.png

Page 3

Page 2.png

Page 2

Page 4.png

Page 4

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